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Datasheet Image Part Number Manufacturers Description View
SKY13567-666LF SKY13567-666LF SKY13567-666LF Skyworks Solutions Inc. SP5T   Inquiry
SKY13521-001 SKY13521-001 SKY13521-001 Skyworks Solutions Inc. SP4T GPIO   Inquiry
SKY13548-385LF SKY13548-385LF RF Switches SKY13548-385LF Skyworks Solutions Inc. SINGLE CONTROL SP2T SWITCH   Inquiry
SKY13560-485LF SKY13560-485LF SKY13560-485LF Skyworks Solutions Inc. 2X2 SP4T MIPI DIVERSITY SWITCH   Inquiry
SKYA21026 SKYA21026 SKYA21026 Skyworks Solutions Inc. 0.7 TO 3.0 GHZ DPDT SWITCH   Inquiry
SKY13550-667LF SKY13550-667LF RF Switches SKY13550-667LF Skyworks Solutions Inc. SP4T+SP4T DIVERSITY CARRIER AGGR   Inquiry
SKY13449-001 SKY13449-001 RF Switches SKY13449-001 Skyworks Solutions Inc. 1.27 X 1.27 WLCSP SPDT SWITCH   Inquiry
SKY13499-641LF SKY13499-641LF RF Switches SKY13499-641LF Skyworks Solutions Inc. IC SWITCH DPDT   Inquiry
PE42426A-Z PE42426A-Z PE42426A-Z Peregrine Semiconductor SPDT, LOW IL, HIGH-LINEARITY REF   Inquiry
BGS 15AN16 E6327 BGS 15AN16 E6327 RF Switches BGS 15AN16 E6327 Infineon Technologies IC SWITCH WCDMA RF SP5T TSNP-16   Inquiry
F2970NCGK F2970NCGK RF Switches F2970NCGK IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc F2970, 75 OHM, SPDTA RF SWITCH   Inquiry
SKY13491-21 SKY13491-21 SKY13491-21 Skyworks Solutions Inc. 0.4 TO 3.8 GHZ SP14T MIPI ASM   Inquiry
ADG901SCPZ-EP-RL7 ADG901SCPZ-EP-RL7 RF Switches ADG901SCPZ-EP-RL7 Analog Devices Inc. WIDEBAND SWITCH   Inquiry
AS193-000 AS193-000 AS193-000 Skyworks Solutions Inc. IC SWITCH SPDT 3V   Inquiry
ADG901BRMZ-REEL7 ADG901BRMZ-REEL7 RF Switches ADG901BRMZ-REEL7 Analog Devices Inc. IC SWITCH SPST 1.65-2.75V 8MSOP   Inquiry
HMC596LP4ETR HMC596LP4ETR RF Switches HMC596LP4ETR Analog Devices Inc. IC SWITCH MATRIX 4 X 2 24QFN   Inquiry
F2933NBGP F2933NBGP F2933NBGP IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc SP2T RF SWITCH   Inquiry
F2932NBGP F2932NBGP RF Switches F2932NBGP IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc SP2T RF SWITCH   Inquiry
HMC197BE HMC197BE RF Switches HMC197BE Analog Devices Inc. IC MMIC SWITCH SPDT 3GHZ SOT26   Inquiry
HMC284AMS8G HMC284AMS8G RF Switches HMC284AMS8G Analog Devices Inc. IC SWITCH SPDT DC-3.5GHZ 8-MSOP   Inquiry