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Datasheet Image Part Number Manufacturers Description View
CD17ED200JO3 CD17ED200JO3 CD17ED200JO3 CAP MICA 20PF 5% 500V RADIAL   Inquiry
CD17ED240JO3 CD17ED240JO3 CD17ED240JO3 CAP MICA 24PF 5% 500V RADIAL   Inquiry
CD17ED300JO3 CD17ED300JO3 CD17ED300JO3 CAP MICA 30PF 5% 500V RADIAL   Inquiry
CD17ED360JO3 CD17ED360JO3 CD17ED360JO3 CAP MICA 36PF 5% 500V RADIAL   Inquiry
CD17ED430JO3 CD17ED430JO3 CD17ED430JO3 CAP MICA 43PF 5% 500V RADIAL   Inquiry
CD17ED500JO3 CD17ED500JO3 CD17ED500JO3 CAP MICA 50PF 5% 500V RADIAL   Inquiry
CD17ED510JO3 CD17ED510JO3 CD17ED510JO3 CAP MICA 51PF 5% 500V RADIAL   Inquiry
MC18FA501J-TF MC18FA501J-TF MC18FA501J-TF CAP MICA 500PF 5% 100V 1812   Inquiry
MC18FA511J-TF MC18FA511J-TF MC18FA511J-TF CAP MICA 510PF 5% 100V 1812   Inquiry
MC18FA561J-TF MC18FA561J-TF MC18FA561J-TF CAP MICA 560PF 5% 100V 1812   Inquiry
MC18FA621J-TF MC18FA621J-TF MC18FA621J-TF CAP MICA 620PF 5% 100V 1812   Inquiry
MC18FA681J-TF MC18FA681J-TF MC18FA681J-TF CAP MICA 680PF 5% 100V 1812   Inquiry
CD17ED750JO3 CD17ED750JO3 CD17ED750JO3 CAP MICA 75PF 5% 500V RADIAL   Inquiry
CD17ED820JO3 CD17ED820JO3 CD17ED820JO3 CAP MICA 82PF 5% 500V RADIAL   Inquiry
CD17FD101JO3 CD17FD101JO3 CD17FD101JO3 CAP MICA 100PF 5% 500V RADIAL   Inquiry
CD17FD910JO3 CD17FD910JO3 CD17FD910JO3 CAP MICA 91PF 5% 500V RADIAL   Inquiry
CD17ED620JO3 CD17ED620JO3 CD17ED620JO3 CAP MICA 62PF 5% 500V RADIAL   Inquiry
CDS15CD120JO3 CDS15CD120JO3 Mica and PTFE Capacitors CDS15CD120JO3 CAP MICA 12PF 5% 500V RADIAL   Inquiry
CDS15CD150JO3 CDS15CD150JO3 Mica and PTFE Capacitors CDS15CD150JO3 CAP MICA 15PF 5% 500V RADIAL   Inquiry
CDS15CD180JO3 CDS15CD180JO3 Mica and PTFE Capacitors CDS15CD180JO3 CAP MICA 18PF 5% 500V RADIAL   Inquiry